Volunteers from Bristol North West Foodbank attended our Harvest Assembly in October 2019:

Dear Mr Larke-Phillips,

It was a huge pleasure to visit St George Primary School last week to participate in your harvest assembly. 

My colleague and I have been visiting North Bristol schools over the last month to tell children about the Bristol North West Foodbank where we volunteer. 

The reception we had at St George's was so warm and friendly. Staff, children and visiting parents all welcomed us when we arrived. We were so impressed by how happy and joyful the children were. During the 45 minute assembly all the children were attentive, positively engaged, enthusiastic in their participation. The children's singing was wonderful and their presentations were confidently made and thought provoking. It was lovely seeing the staff encouraging the children warmly and positively and so many parents present.

St George's feels like a gem of a tiny school nestling on the edge of Brandon Hill, diverse in the middle of our cultural city but probably the happiest and most caring of schools I have visited. With such a positive environment children clearly delight in learning and this must enable then to achieve. 

If I were looking for a school for my children then seeing the way S t George's puts it's values into practice would influence me more than any academic league tables and if I were a child St George's would be my choice of school!

Thank you for inviting us to your assembly.