28.04.2020 - New Interactive Home Learning

Miss Martinez has created an amazing resource for you to use at home, to help you to continue to learn your Spanish. Click on the picture below. !Que te diviertas!

04.2020 - Easter Learning Pack

Hi everyone!! ¡¡HOLA!!

I hope you are all very well at home safe and healthy.

This season is very special because Spring (LA PRIMAVERA) has started, it is Easter and that means time to share with your love ones and… CHOCOLATE!!!!

I was going to go to Spain to spend some time with my family, but instead I'll celebrate “Semana Santa” (Easter) here in Bristol in my home. Because we can always smile and get creative to do what makes us happy.

One of the things that I can do to bring “La Semana Santa” to Bristol is to share it with all of you and bake all of the sweet, traditional desserts that I normally have these days at home. I've sent you a document where I explain how we celebrate Easter “Semana Santa” in Spain but also there are some very good videos that you can watch on Youtube (and set the English subtitles if you want to); see the related links below.

Also I've added to this pack some fun activities and colouring sheets. In case you don't remember the colours in Spanish, no worries! I also added a picture dictionary (see below).

And I made my A NAZARENO with the inside of a toilet roll and some card, if you want to make your own. See below.

Finally, let's share some pictures with you!!!!!! Because since I was a little child I've taken part on the parades “procesiones” and these are some of the pictures that my family had sent me.

04.2020 - Cooking in Languages

Please click on the link below to download a fantastic cooking resource with loads of recipes in English and Spanish!

Cooking with Languages