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This term, we will begin a new series of “enquiry” based lessons around our exciting, new “Lighting up Learning” curriculum. This bespoke scheme of work has been designed to give your child the opportunity to become a scientist, geographer, artist, historian, etc., through many different aspects of their learning.  

In Maths, for the first few weeks, we will be exploring place value before expanding to deliver the mastery curriculum used previously. There will also be regular arithmetic lessons as well as times tables practice. By the end of Key Stage 2, all children should know their times tables facts up to 12x.  Your child has been given a times table booklet for their own reference, which they use at school; there are many fantastic online resources to help aid them with this if you wish to at home.

In English, we will be reading regularly (our new class text is the fantastic book The Last Wild) as well as learning spelling and grammar rules. We will also be ensuring there are regular writing opportunities throughout the week. 

Being Scientists, Historians, Engineers and Geographers

The children have explored the theme of our local area with enthusiasm and interest, learning and taking on many of the skills needed for the above roles. As scientists, we created rocket balloons and learnt about the forces of gravity, thrust and friction. We then created our own air balloons and learned about air density. 

As historians, we explored St George's school's rich history after discovering old photographs, log books and punishment books, some of which dated back to the 1880s. We compared maps, as geographers, of the area's recent and ancient past.

Finally, we were engineers, designing and building towers which could stand in the place of nearby Cabot Tower, using spaghetti and marshmallows.