Have a look at our Term 1 Curriculum map to see the learning that the children will be focusing on over the next few weeks. 


In Being an Author, we will be reading our new class text, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. In addition to exploring the ideas and themes within the story, we will be engaging in a range of writing opportunities, including providing words of wisdom/advice and creating letters of apology. 

In Being a Mathematician, the children will be building upon prior knowledge of place value of numbers. From there, they will be able to make links to the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We highly recommend that all children begin to familiarise themselves with their times table facts up to 12x.

We are beginning a new series of 'Enquiry' based lessons around our exciting new 'Lighting up Learning' curriculum. The learning has been designed to give your child the opportunity to experience Being a Scientist, Geographer, Historian, etc., through many different aspects of their learning. This term, we will be undertaking an Enquiry project which focuses on the question ‘What makes our school special and safe’?  


Being Historians, Scientist and Engineers

Being Historians, we have been exploring how the use of artefacts, photographs and documents have allowed us to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the past, in particular our school! Notebooks, register logs and staff photos gave us a good insight into what St George was like in 1922! 


Being a Scientist, we considered the question How can temperatures change? Having recorded the temperatures of 3 containers of water, the children then considered what changes they could make to the experiment to help answer their Enquiry question. 

Finally, when we were being Engineers, we made an attempt to design and build bridges which could hold the weight of a tinned can of food. The real challenge was to only use straws, elastic bands, string and tape!