Have a look at our Term 2 Curriculum map to see the learning that the children will be focusing on this term.


Within our Enquiry, we will be aiming to answer the following question:                                                  Where does the Darkness come from? 

The main outcome of this enquiry will be to create and perform a Shadow Puppet Rama and Sita story to a small audience. Along their learning journey, the children will explore key knowledge such as;

  • Darkness is the absence of light
  • The darkness is always there 
  • Light always has a source
  • Some light sources are very strong and should not be looked at
  • Some surfaces reflect light and can help us to see 

This term, in Being Mathematicians, we will increase our understanding of formal written methods for addition and subtraction. Furthermore, we will be identifying when there is a need to 'exchange' and when there is not.