Click here for the Term 2 curriculum map.

This term the Matthew Class will be investigating Who Helps Us? 

Our inquiry this term will be looking into the different roles of people that help us in our lives. The main writing outcomes of this inquiry will be 'Thank you' letters to those who help us. We shall hopefully be sending these letters off to the appropriate people for them to read. We shall also be creating poetry using rhyme and rhythm, again around the theme of those who help us. 

Another main outcome will be to create a story with a plot that focusses on one or two specific roles in society. Once these stories have been modified and edited, we will transfer them into a stop motion animation. We will be using all sorts of materials and resources to help create scenes for our project. 

In Maths we will be furthering our understanding of place value and moving into addition and subtraction problems. Within this term we will look at number facts, finding the difference and the part-whole model. This will also be learnt through play and models. 

Our phonics lessons have now progressed onto Phase 1 and 2, which if you would like to know more about then please get into contact with Mr Smith. As always, please continue to read with your children at home on a daily basis. Ask them questions about what they are reading as it imperative for children to build on their comprehension skills!

We are looking forward to another exceptional term in the Matthew class. 

Mr Smith. 




This term has been wonderful, with so much outstanding learning taking place. Matthew class have filmed their own stop motion animation productions. We used our own innovated stories to set the scene of our productions and used our ICT knowledge to take multiple photos to bring our stories to life. We have written some heartwarming thank you letters to our chosen role in society for people Who help us

In our Maths lessons, we have looked into addition and subtraction problems including word problems. We have recapped on our numbers to 20 and even began writing the words for those numbers. Reception children have looked at one more and one less than a number up to 10. They have been magnificent with this challenge and have really grasped the concept through the use of concrete and pictorial resources. 

Our Hinduism and Christianity focus this term has taken on the journey of Rama and Sita, as well as the Christmas story. We have brought the Christmas story to life with a beautiful nativity which every child contributed so much effort. There are some great future actors in the Matthew class! We hope you enjoyed the Nativity, even if it was slightly different to the previous years. 

We are now looking forward to a well earned Christmas break and our term 3 inquiry of How do we live a healthy lifestyle? 

Stay safe,

Mr Smith.