Partner School

In October 2017 we set up a link with a new partner school in Ningbo, Eastern China. We have enjoyed sharing work between the two schools and we look forward to participating in more joint projects.

Chinese Week

Having a new partner school gave us an ideal opportunity to discover more about China by celebrating Chinese New Year. The week opened with a fantastic Dragon and Lion dance workshop where each class participated in playing Chinese cymbals, swirling ribbons, being part of a 15 metre dancing dragon and lion. The Chinese Zodiac story was used in English lessons as a story sequencing activity for Y1 and Talk for Writing text (y4). Year 2/3 incorporated it into their lesson where they were looking at the features of newspaper articles and then wrote their own. KS2 had been learning multiplication in maths so they extended their learning in Chinese week to study, learn and compare the ancient Chinese multiplication method. KS1 learnt how to write Chinese numbers and complete sums in Chinese. In the dining hall every child had a set of chopsticks and 'portion divider' plate (as seen in our partner school). They sampled noodles, steamed buns and lychees following a chopstick lesson! Children took part in daily eye exercises as in schools across China. Children used paint to write their own calligraphy.

Language of the Term

Each term we share and celebrate a new language. Children are encouraged to learn greetings and phrases in a different language and use them around school and during registration. The language of term 4 is BSL (British Sign Language).

International School Award

We are very pleased and proud to announce that we have been awarded the Intermediate International School Award by the British Council for all of our achievements with our international learning.